Vetrina esterna del negozio storico dell'Antica Confetteria Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano, Via Soziglia 74 R, Genova

Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano is a “confectioner’s shop” according to the eighteenth-century meaning of the word: one business made of a hand-made manufacturing workshop, where fruit, flowers, cocoa, sugar and spices are processed with ancient tradition recipes ; and two prestigious Genoese shops, one of these recognized as cultural heritage by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism because decorated with wooden furniture inside and adorned with marble high relief sculptures on the outside façade.

Since 1780 Pietro Romanengo way of proposing itself to the market is the same of the ancient confectioners, who combined refined products with precious packages in elegant shops. This research for quality and excellent hand-made manufacturing of the products brought notoriety to the company out of the Ligurian borders already during the Nineteenth century. Indeed orders came not only from important Genoese personalities of the political and economic life of the time, as the Doria family, the Grendi family and the Galliera Duchess, but also from national personalities like Giuseppe Verdi and the Parma Duchess.

Memorable supplies of Romanengo specialities were also those made in 1868 for the wedding of Prince Umberto I with Margherita di Savoia, and ten years before approximately in 1857 for the visit of Vittorio Emanuele II in Savona. This telegram was received to offer the king the best desserts for his visit: “a mezzo diligenza una scatola di squisiti demisucres assortiti della pregiata ditta Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano, del valore di almeno 10 lire” (“with a coach, a box of delicious varied demisucres of the distinguished company Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano, of the value of at least 10 lire”). Pietro Romanengo himself , remembering how the company production was linked to Genoa traditions, describes the family business: “An old town shop projected to the world”.