Cioccolatini misti Antica Cofetteria Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano

During time Pietro Romanengo remained a confectioner’s shop, that means a factory where fruit, flowers, herbs and colours are processed with sugar. During the Nineteenth century it became also a chocolate shop following the path started ,during time, by all European confectioner-s shops. Manufacturing organization still follows the nineteenth-century Italian and French model, with a big confectioner’s workshop departments: fourneau (candied fruit and jam), chocolat  (chocolate and chocolate candies), dragées (confetti),  office (sugar manufacturing), four (almond manufacturing and oven).

Fidelity to recipe books of the ancient “confiseur – chocolatier” and to the Genoese art of candying permits the hand-made production of a wide range of confectioner’s specialities. Today we are living a revival of what is traditional and natural, expressed in many aspects of life and also in the research of products that seemed to have been surpassed. This is the art of the confectioner:keeping nature’s products and imitating their appearance and taste with skillful sugar productions.