These crunchy sugared delicacies give way to a variety of prized fillings ranging from: Avola almonds from Sicily, Pine nuts, Bronte pistachios, various flavors of Rosolio, candied orange peel, shards of cinnamon and fennel seeds. This traditional selection of Genoise Dragees are still made in the traditional artisan way without the addition of starch, taking you on a journey through the entire spectrum of tastes of one of Romanengo’s most famous products. Available in transparent tubes from 340g to 500g
Packaging: transparent tubes wrapped in blue paper

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The assortment of Genoise Dragees made by Romanengo are descendants of the spices that appear in medieval texts. The techniques we continue to use to this day mirror how these delicacies  have been produced since the 1800s. The copper drum called “bassina” turns continuously over a flame with the chosen ‘filling’. Each ingredient, be it almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, rosolio, candied peel or cinnamon shards is slowly coated with layer upon layer of pure sugar to form a hard outer shell. The heart of the finished Dragees lets loose all the flavor of these prime ingredients as you bite through  its sugar crust. The extreme difficulty involved in producing these in this artisan way makes them one of the most symbolic of Romanengo’s confectionary products.
Used in Italy to give as keepsakes to guests at various occasions, the traditional white almond Dragees given at weddings are perhaps the most well-known, with our naturally colored Avola almond Dragees receiving praise from prestigious food publications such as  ‘Gambero Rosso’.

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