Made from local Ligurian sour cherries, this cordial maintains all the intense sweet and sour goodness of this tasty fruit. Diluted with water it becomes a thirst-quenching drink, as well as being perfect for preparing ‘granite’ as as a topping for ice-cream. Available in 250 and 500ml bottles.

Packaging: glass bottles

Availability: all year round

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The ‘amarena’ as it’s called in Italian is a type of cherry with a bright red skin and yellow pulp. In Genova where it is prolific an aromatic herbal tea is made with the leaves. Cordial made with the juice of the fruit is one of the most prized and thirst-quenching drinks due to its perfect combination of bitter-sweetness. We choose to source all our sour cherries from the local area and exclusively from organic farmers. This wonderful syrup is also a perfect addition to cream based desserts, as well as for ‘granite’ and ice-cream.

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250 ml., 500 ml.