These scented sweets known as “ginevrine”, are made in an antique process, where both the color and flavor of the sweets is obtained in an entirely natural way. Available in bags from 500g to 1kg in the following flavors: Rose, Banana, Certosino Liquer, aniseed, peach, marasca, mint and violet.
Packaging: Transparent pack wrapped in blue paper
Availability: all year round

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This little “ginevrine” are the classic sweets of our past, made with natural flavors to form a hard, crunchy sweet. Each pastel color corresponds to its flavor, coming directly from the fruit, plant or flower that imparts its intense aromatic flavor to the sweets. This antique sweet is made by hand cooking the a sugar-based syrup to form a creamy consistency where it is them rubbed in the pan to whiten it, and then the flavors are added. The mixture is then poured into a dosing machine that dated back to the 1950s where drops are made onto metal trays. When cooled they are sieved and bagged.

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