Rose cordial is well-known to be a fortifying tonic for the body. Made in an entirely artisan way with hand picked rose petals from the terraced in- part of the region, that is the backdrop to the Ligurian coast, This luxurious product is an ideal accompaniment  to cocktails, crepes and ‘granite’. Available in 250 and 500ml. bottles.

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Each Spring, when the roses are in season, all other jobs are set aside at Romanengo and everybody takes part in this yearly ritual, dedicated to the rose petal products. The petals used to make our cordials and syrups are all locally grown. Only specific varieties are suitable, and we focus on three varieties specifically: Gallica, Muscosa and  Rugosa. The petals are plucked from the roses manually and the kitchens are filled with there intoxicating aroma.
Rose Cordial as well as being a perfect addition to yogurts, ice-creams, granite, panna cotta, crepes and fruit salads, it is also a wonderful substitute for sugar in herb teas and infusions. Ideal also for original cocktails, like  a Romanengo favorite: Pink Prosecco adding a few petals for decoration.
Furthermore as stated in his book, Il mio erbario, 1983,  Maurice Mességué writes,
“Infusions and cordials made from rose petal are fortifying tonics for the lungs and the body as a whole: I recommend them specifically for city-dwellers worried about their respiratory systems and for convalescents, the elderly and sickly children, who will find beneficial the properties for overcoming problems during the growing stages”

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250 ml., 500 ml.