Choosing only the best Raspberries on the market, Romanengo produces a syrup that maintains all the delicious flavor of this juicy forest fruit. Diluted with water it becomes a refreshing fruit drink, as well as being the perfect base for “granite”, crepes, ice creams and desserts. Available in 250 and 500ml bottles

Packaging: glass bottles

Availability: all year round

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We not only turn to the old recipe books at Romanengo for the recipes, but also the details on the best varieties of fruit to use for each product. Still today we place a lot of importance in this phase, selecting the best fruit. We seek out the ‘framboise’ variety of Raspberry, for its sweet acidity, which is in season at the end of the summer to the beginning of Autumn in the area of Cuneo in Piedmont.

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250 ml., 500 ml.