The simple succulence of our “Sante’” chocolate, lets you savor chocolate in its most un-refined state:  Made only with a selection of prime cocoa and sugar in equal quantities, without any other additional ingredient, this is chocolate at it’s purest.
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As a product with origins that pre-date modern chocolate making machines, this was chocolate in its rawest form: Made with only a selection of prime cocoa and sugar, it couldn’t be moulded into shapes due to the absence of cocoa butter,  so it was pressed into a bar and was used grated and melted as a hot drink. It was often flavored with a variety of spices and aromas and was considered at the time to be an excellent food with many medicinal properties. Called “Ottocento” or eight-hundred in Italian, it was the chocolate that was made before the invention of the ‘conca’ machine in 1879 which changed chocolate production into the product that we now know today.

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