A classic Romanengo product, candied chestnuts or “Marron Glaces” are glazed in a thin crust of sugar flavored with orange blossom water, to maintain their softness and lock in the flavor. Still made in the traditional artisan way our Marron Glaces undergo a painstaking manual process to ensure they remain unbroken throughout the delicate phases of production. No preservatives of any kind are added in this way the luxurious taste of Italian “marroni” shines through. Available in 500g and 1 kg trays, they are best eaten immediately.
Weight: 500g
Packaging: loose/ glass jar
Availability: November- December

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The brief blanching of the peeled chestnuts is preceded by hand-tying the chestnuts into bundles of two. The long phase of candying then follows and takes from 7 to 10 days. The delicate flavor of orange blossom water further enriches the Chestnut flavor to produce a unforgettable delicacy.
We use only the highest quality ‘marroni’ selected from the best areas for cultivation in Italy: Tuscany, Naples, and naturally the Cuneo area of Piedmont where the famous cultivar “Torino” can be found.
Our Marron Glaces are  available “ghiacciati” or in a sugar crust- which gives the product a shiny sheen and maintains the softness of the finished product – or in a sugar syrup.

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