This assortment of marzipan specialities from Romanengo are characteristic of the Autumn period and linked to the Christian festivals in November. Inside each blue box you will find 'roasted chestnuts',  bitter chocolate coated 'chestnuts', and colored “fava beans” flavored with cinnamon, pistashio and cuaraco. Available in blue gift boxes from 250g.

Weight: 250 g
Packaging: loose/ Blue box wrapped in blue paper
Availability: October – November

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The ‘roasted chestnuts’ are made of marzipan, flavored with lemon. They are then dipped in a mixture of egg yolk, icing sugar and Rum and seared on a griddle for a few seconds until they get the characteristic look of roasted chestnuts. The marzipan chestnuts are also coated in bitter (63%  cocoa solids) chocolate for another effect. Each of these delicacies have been made patiently by hand in the same way since the 1800s to celebrate the important Christian festivals in November and are emblematic of Romanengo’s ethos of making confectionary with deep links to local celebrations in harmony with the seasons.

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