We use exclusively Italian “marroni” to produce our Marron Glaces. Candied and flavored with orange blossom water following the old Romanengo recipes, the candied chestnuts are kept in their sugar syrup to maintain all the exquisite flavor of these fruits which are the most sought-after and luxurious of all the candied products.
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What makes Romanengo’s Marron Glaces so unique? We use only the highest quality ‘marroni’ selected from best areas for cultivation in Italy: Tuscany, Naples, and naturally the Cuneo area of Piedmont where the famous cultivar “Torino” can be found.
After harvest in late Autumn the chestnuts are peeled of their two layers of outer skin. They are then manually wrapped in gauze two by two and boiled for 90 minutes snugly positioned in the pan to avoid breakage. They are then taken from the gauze and placed in a sugar syrup. The syrup is heated slowly over a period of days and gradually penetrates the fruit until all the moisture present in the fruit is replaced by sugar, preserving them indefinitely and donning them their delicious taste and consistency. Our Marron Glaces are also available “ghiacciati” or in a sugar crust which gives the product a shiny sheen and maintains the softness of the finished product.
Available in 350g jars

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