‘Manna’ is a white resin from the Ash tree, know traditionally for its therapeutic and balancing properties. This preserve is obtained working the manna by hand with sugar and egg white until a dense white cream is formed. Available depending on the season in 200g jars.

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The properties of ‘Manna’ have been appreciated by the great civilizations as far back as the Greeks and Romans  who called it the “miele di rugiada” ‘dew honey’. In Tao philosophy, ‘Manna’ is seen as as re-balancing element, in that it is in perfect equilibrium between the ground and the sky, between ying and yang. ‘Manna’ is the sap of certain varieties of ash tree, and is harvested between June and September. It is an important herbal remedy with many noted medicinal properties, still today used for its delicate laxative effects.

Our `Manna’ is harvested in Sicily in the Parco Regionale delle Madonie, at the Azienda agricola Giulio Gelardi, part of the ‘presidio Slow Food’. Where the age old experience of the local farmers are skilled at extracting the sap which is then dried under the heat of the Sicilian sun, solidifying and becoming ‘Manna’.
We then work the raw ingredient, adding orange blossom water, glucose syrup, lemon juice and egg white  to produce this special cream that will keep for up to a year.

It can be used as a sweetener or as an ingredient in cakes, biscuits and puddings.

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