Candied Fruit is one of our most iconic specialities and a symbol of the rich heritage of Genoise confectionary. Pietro Romanengo has maintained this important tradition for the past 200 years, following antique procedures perfected in the orient, to produce these unique specialities using entirely natural, artisan techniques to maintain the real taste of the fruit. Available in 500g and 1kg trays.
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Pietro Romanengo candies only the freshest fruit without the use of colorings or preservatives. Therefore the authentic, natural tones of the finished products may appear less inviting when compared with the garish hues of commercially produced candied fruit. However the incredible flavor of the fruit shines through, maintaining the real flavor of each individual fruit that is incomparable to anything else available on the market today.
To further preserve the aromatic flavor and dampness of the resulting candied fruit we glaze them in a light sugar crust which locks in the softness of the fruit and all its flavor. It also gives it an appealing shine. Here at Pietro Romanengo we candy: apricots, oranges, sour cherries, chinotti, figs, strawberries, mandarins, loquat fruit, pears, peaches, and plums , sourcing them where possible from the countryside surrounding Genoa.
As one of our most iconic products. Pietro Romanengo maintains this age old tradition which has been at the heart of Genoise confectionary for centuries.

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