A classic family favorite, this chocolate bar is enriched with the delicious flavor of cinnamon. This chocolate is made without the addition of cocoa butter or soya lectin leaving you with the rich taste of the prime cocoa and cinnamon. Available in bars of 45 g and 200 g each.
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This products is a treasured taste of a time when chocolate was still consumed in it’s unrefined state and used grated to be drank as a hot drink. It is a chocolate made merely with cocoa mass and sugar in equal parts. As well as with cinnamon, it was often flavored with other aromas such as  nutmeg, vanilla and cloves. Also called “Sante’” due to it’s presumed healthy qualities, or “800” due to the fact that it characterizes a chocolate made before the invention of the ‘conca’  machine in 1879 (which allowed for the addition of cocoa butter to form a fluid and malleable substance, in essence what we know today as chocolate) the purity of this chocolate is delicacy to be enjoyed.

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45 gr., 200 gr.