Our ‘Crema di Marroni’ is made from our candied Marron glaces. Only the goodness of the best quality, italian Marroni are used and once candied are made into this smooth and indulgent cream to enrich desserts or teatime treats. Available in 200 and 350 g jars.

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Availability: all year round

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Romanengo’s ‘crema di Marroni’ is ideal for enriching luxurious desserts, from bavarian creams to semifreddi. Why not try our shortbread nests with chestnut cream?
Ingredients: 200g shortbread pastry, 300g crema di marroni Romanengo, 150g single cream, 4 Marron glaces Romanengo, butter for greasing the tins, flour to roll out the pastry, and Romanengo’s candied violets for decoration.
Roll our the pastry on a floured surface, butter 4 individual flan tins, dust with flour. Line the tins with the pastry and bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Leave to cool on a rack and remove the tins. Whip the cream and add the crema di marroni and pipe into the pastry shells, add a marron glaces to the middle of each tartlet and a candied violet for decoration.

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200 gr., 350 gr.