This assortment of the the best seasonal candied fruit in an elegant, hand-made wooden box featuring antique prints. Savor the authentic and fragrant flavor of freshly picked fruit: apricots, oranges, figs, clementines, pears, peaches and plums.
Packaging: wooden box with antique “Vecchia Genova” Prints
Availability: all year round



If you are looking for a unique gift that celebrates the rich gastronomic heritage of the region and is the symbol of the city of Genova then this unique selection of the finest candied Italian fruits, elegantly packaged in a wooden box with antique prints of the city is ideal as a precious gift that won’t be forgotten.
Romanengo became the most important confectioner in Europe in the 1800s specializing in the candying of fruit and it’s products were prized for their quality and taste, gracing the homes of important figures of the era. The Ligurian towns of Livorno, Genoa and Savona became specialists in this field and the artisan techniques that they swore by are still followed to the letter today by their descendants. Our candied fruit in fact is made entirely with the ripest, seasonal Italian produce and candied in the traditional way, a process that has almost but disappeared. Romanengo strives to produce this unique and symbolic product in the same authentic way, to produce a fragrant candied fruit that is the pride of Genoise confectionary heritage.

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wooden box

1150 gr – 1 layer, 1200 gr – 2 layers, 1550 gr – 2 layers, 2000 gr – 1 layers, 2400 gr – 2 layers, 260 gr – 1 layer, 2900 gr – 2 layers, 330 gr – 1 layer, 4200 gr – 2 layers, 600 gr – 1 layer, 820 gr – 1 layer