A rich taste selection of all of Romanengo’s chocolate creations. Still made in the traditional way, all of our filled chocolates contain a soft filling flavored with petals, candied fruits and liqueurs. Available in transparent boxes from 260 g.
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Packaging: transparent box wrapped in blue paper
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All the chocolates produced by Pietro Romanengo do not contain thickeners of any kind, not even soya lectin. Only a mixture of prized cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter is used to make our chocolate. The chocolate is mixed in the stone ‘conca’ where it is worked for three full days and nights, only in this way does it reach the right consistency. From this come our rich dark and milk chocolate pralines, with old world flavors including, candied orange, hazelnut, mint and candied fruit, plus our Rum and sour cherry liqueur chocolates.

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