Historic Shops

Step back into the past and experience the sweet taste of traditional craftsmanship



Via Soziglia 74 R – 16123 Genova
tel +39.010.2474574

Nestled in the heart of Genoa’s historical centre, our Romanengo confectionary shop in Via Soziglia is a little gem that has retained the same charm and character since the day it opened in 1814. Sample our specialities in the richly decorated marble and wood interior and purchase your gifts to take home while admiring a fascinating collection of antique utensils that served to produce Romanengo’s luxurious specialties over the centuries.

To mark the 200-year anniversary of the shop, a major celebration involving the whole city of Genoa was held in 2014. Besides a special public opening there was a huge party with tastings, historical conferences and an exhibition of original prints, including an article from the Gazzetta di Genova published in 1853. In it, the writer described Romanengo as “more than a confectioner’s shop, it is an exclusive drawing-room. This precious little gem could just as easily grace the splendid banks of the Seine or the regal shores of the river Thames”.



Via Roma 51 R – 16121 Genova
tel/fax +39.010.580257

Also located in the city centre, our Romanengo shop in Via Roma dates back to the 1930s. Thanks to its elegant décor, it too quickly became a landmark for loyal customers both from Italy and abroad.

Like our flagship Romanengo confectionary store in Via Soziglia, this small shop was conceived as an enticing, luxurious drawing-room. Customers are always welcome to browse and experience the refined aromas and colours of our Romanengo specialities, particularly in the anticipation-filled weeks leading up to the Christmas and Easter holidays, when exclusive seasonal treats are in store.

Tasting itineraries

The historic shop in Via Soziglia welcomes visitors who would like to dive deeper into the world of Romanengo by joining a tasting tour of our facilities and experiencing some of the most unique products from the oldest confectionery in Italy.

Treat yourself to an hour-long guided tour and taste a sample of Romanengo Confectionery’s famous specialties as our experts reveal production secrets and illustrate antiques and curios that have marked the history of our company and that of the city of Genoa.

Guided tasting tours are available by reservation only. For more information on how to book a tour, please contact us by email on or call our sales department at +39 010 24 74 574.