Frutta candita mista. Antica Confetteria Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano

HACCP Declaration

Pietro Romanengo company possesses the self-monitoring plan based on the principles of the HACCP System and guarantees operating in the respect of that plan from raw materials delivery to the end of the production cycle.

After dinner sweets with sponge cake and marzipan (“Pastine nuove”), Marzipan Quaresimali (only traces): canestrelli e mostaccioli.

Crystallized Violet petals, Manna preserves, manna candies, Gomme altea.
after dinner sweets with eggs: Meringues, Sponge cake Pastries, Pastine nuove and Nougats.

Milk chocolate candies, filled chocolate candies, Liqueur cherries covered with chocolate, Chocolate and rhum pastries, chestnut cream covered with chocolate, Marzipan chestnuts covered with chocolate, milk and dark chocolate eggs, Chocolate eggs (shell), Fantasie di Cioccolato (Chocolate fantasy), Chocolate milk bars, Fondants (chocolate and hazelnut nougats).

Dessert sweets with milk: Milk chocolate and other flavours meringues, Sponge cake pastries (white, green, chocolate), Pastine nuove.

Other products do not contain flour, neither eggs, nor milk