Preserves and Cordials

Every year, during the months of May and June in the kitchens of Pietro Romanengo a centuries old tradition unfolds as the air is filled with the scents and smells of the flowers and seasonal produce.
With the ripe fruit and petals we produce our preserves, jellies and cordials, following to the letter the age-old artisan recipes. What sets our products apart is our insistence on using entirely fresh fruit and avoiding the addition of any kind of artificial coloring or preservatives.
Real violet flowers, crystalized immediately after picking, are such a unique product that they are one of defining products here at Romanengo. The rose petals, plucked one by one by hand are also used to make two other types of speciality products: Rose petal preserve and rose cordial.
Other delicious preserves in our selection include: apricot, sour cherry, orange, quince, strawberry, wild blueberry, peach and plum. Jellies include apricot, sour cherry, quince, blueberry and raspberry. In Autumn two exquisite traditional seasonal delicacies complete the range: la cotognata (quince pate de fruit) and crema di marroni (chestnut preserve)
Furthermore, from this vast array of seasonal fruits Pietro Romanego produces a wide assortment of fruit cordials to which rose petal cordial, white mint cordial , almond milk and the prized preserved ‘manna’ complete the selection.

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