Dragees / Sugared Almonds

Here at Romanengo we continue to make our Dragees following the traditional recipe, with the sugar-coating hiding a tender center that delights the palate.
The following ingredients make up the tender centers of our Dragees here at Romanengo: almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, different flavors of sugar drops, candied orange peel, shards of cinnamon sticks, and fennel seeds.
White Dragees or ‘Confetti’, used nationally as an offering at weddings, made with the traditional ‘Avola’ Almonds from Sicily, represent the rich tradition and deep links of this special product to Italian culture. The difficulty in artisan production coming from the delicate skill of manually covering the tender fruit center with layers of pure sugar, a laborious job requiring not only competence but dedication and passion. However it is only through this procedure that you may obtain the tender, crunchy and delicate Dragees, as depicted in traditional recipes.

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