Artisans in the confection of sweets
in Genoa since 1780

Yesterday: excellence in hand-crafted sweets from the genoese to the royals of the time

Romanengo is a “confectionery” in the original 18th century sense of the term. In other words, our business was built around a collection of artisan workshops or ateliers where fruit, flowers, cocoa, sugar and spices are hand-crafted together following traditional production methods and jealously-guarded recipes handed down through the generations.

Since it was established by Pietro Romanengo in 1780, we have continued to market exclusive products with the same regard for quality as the original confectioners, with precious gift boxes and packages sold in our two elegant shops.

Already in the 19th century, Romanengo’s uncompromising insistence on the highest quality ingredients and standards of excellence in hand-crafted production techniques brought the company notoriety outside the regional borders of Liguria.

Indeed, Romanengo’s clients included not only prominent Genoese personalities from the highest political and economic echelons of the time, like the Doria patrician family, the Grendi shipping family and Duchess Galliera, but also from renown national personalities like the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi and the Duchess of Parma.

Memorable among the prestigious orders Romanengo received were those prepared for the wedding of Prince Umberto 1st to Margherita of Savoy in 1868, and ten years earlier, around 1857, on the occasion of the visit of Victor Emanuel 2nd to Savona.

This historic telegram attests to the wish to offer the king the very best desserts for his visit:

“Please deliver by coach [to HRH] a box of delicious varied demi-sucres from the distinguished company Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano, of the value of at least 10 Lire”.

Today and into the future – an old town shop with a window onto the world

Today our company remains loyal to centuries-old traditions of excellence, hand-crafting a seasonal variety of specialty sweets and chocolates using the highest quality natural ingredients.

The objective now is to give the Romanengo brand an international appeal by introducing our premium line of products to a discerning clientele outside the national and European borders. This bright vision for our future will continue to build on more than two centuries of hand-making traditional sweets that have won the hearts of generations of loyal customers.

Thanks to the superior quality of our products, Romanengo have already carved out a prestigious niche in the USA, Japan and various parts of Europe. As we face this new beginning and expand our horizons, we are truly excited to take the next steps on the historical journey of Italy’s oldest confectionery.

Tradition: the common thread linking past, present and future

Romanengo’s logo, a dove with an olive branch in its beak, represents a universal symbol of peace. It was adopted after the Napoleonic wars in the early 19th century, when the Romanengo family dreamt of the advent of a new era of peace and prosperity. Towards the middle of the 19th century, it became our confectionery brand’s official symbol and has since served as a reminder of the values ​​that Romanengo continues to reflect and build on.

Our signature blue paper

Just as the iconic dove holding the olive branch has become the symbol of our confectionery business, the signature blue paper tied up with white string (into which in olden times a short wooden pencil used to be placed as a carrying handle) is now considered a hallmark of Romanengo’s elegant product packaging.

Our use of blue paper dates back to the mid-19th century when granulated sugar was sold in bulk and customarily wrapped in distinctive blue paper cones with a flat base to stand them upright. Hence the reference in Italian to a certain shade of blue as “carta da zucchero”, or sugar-paper-blue.